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March Madness Top Sports Services

The top NCAA Tournament handicapper off all-time is Joe Duffy of He has been winning since the scorephone days of 1988 where he earned the nickname Mr. March for his exploitation of NCAA conference tournaments by knowing the unique dynamics that apply to back-to-back contests as well as handicapping neutral court games.

Watch Duffy share college basketball betting tips.

That leads him straight into being the Lord of the Big Dance. No handicapper dominates NCAA Tournament odds like Joe Duffy. But who is the best of the rest? That would be the MasterLockLine. Because the MasterLockLine monitors each and every one of the nation’s top sports service, handicappers, tip sheets and syndicates, you will get every Game of the Year play worth betting. Every last one in the industry is yours. That’s why you get more legitimate service Games of the Year on the MasterLockLine than anyone else. Only the top college basketball services are featured for March Madness betting locks.

Only the odds worth betting make the MasterLockLine, which goes back to 1980 on the scorephones.

Stevie Vincent is the premier technical handicapper off all-time. His bets are 100 percent exclusive to


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